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As a proven service to our engineering customers, we have a file for resumes, and manufacturer's looking to fill engineering positions.  

In addition, we work closely with professional employment agencies both local and USA-wide to help you find a position.  

Resumes will be held under under strictest confidence, and will be made available to perspective employers only after release from you. 

If you need to find an engineering position, please call Frank Krozel at 630-924-1600 for details.  

Since we started this (free to you service) we have placed many engineers in our engineering community.


Here are a few new folks that have elected to have their resume go public.


Jack Becker 6/19/2017

Jim Taylor 5/8/2016

Chris Capelle 3/18/2016

Joe Cook 2/16/2016

Matt Squire 1/6/2016

Chaman Bhardwaj 1/6/2016

Joseph E. Tallent 11/10/2015

Shaheer Siddiqi 11/10/2015

Kyle Platt 11/1/2015 - Looking to Intern

Kurt Nettgen  8/6/2015

Mark Anthony

Jim Mitzlaff

Martin McCoy

Richard Dickens

Mark Panko

Sevim Ablay, P.E.

Bill Metzler

Yuwei Luo

Trent Johnson

Darrin Bliss

Chris Dewitt

Stephen Crifase

Brian Forster

Courtney Heron

Varun Kurup

Jonathan Joaquin

Brad Miller

Steve Sherman

Peter Vandemotter


  • Intern / Summer position wanted

Jeff Miller

Nick Pitrak


Positions available

Compliance Engineer - LED Lighting Fixtures

Mechanical Design Engineer

EMC Lab Manager  

Engineering Development Technician  

NGC EMC Design Engineer




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